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Scoot Airlines

We are delighted to find out that a photo of our Pop-up stall from The Village Markets in Paradise Point landed in the June Scoot Magazine as part of an article highlighting some of the great things to see and do when visiting the Gold Coast.

Scoot Magazine, found in the back of each seat on a Scoot Airways plane.  A very pleasant surprise indeed.

26 Grose St. Glebe Sydney NSW

We now have a fixed (bricks and mortar) all weather Pop-Up Shop in Glebe.

Opening hours are Tuesday to Saturday 11am to 6pm

Brand new and exciting retail


The Myer Centre!

Level E, Near The Body Shop



A new and exciting retail store has just opened at The Myer Centre in Brisbane, this retail concept is called MyCubeShop, this unique retail concept gives smaller retailers the opportunity to gain exposure to the public in high foot traffic well established shopping malls.

We are pretty excited to be a part of the newest shop that has just opened in The Myer Centre Brisbane. 

What is coming up for February