It was the day before we were scheduled to do the photoshoot.  And the weather gods were not being favourable, I was out and about in the pouring rain doing last minute location checks, all the while with fingers crossed the rain would dissipate over night and we would be blessed with fine weather for our photoshoot.

Location One

Location Two

With two locations locked in all we needed was good weather.


Low and behold the very next morning we awoke to clear blue skies, the complete opposite to the last 36-48 hours.

Once we were all at the first location the options were laid out so the boys could choose the designs they would be photographed in.  One by one they changed and posed like professionals.

With Antony Merat from behind the camera giving small posing suggestions and encouragement we were able to get some great shots of all the designs in a couple of hours.


Behind the Scenes One

Behind the Scenes Two


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