Peak season

As we are moving through peak season of Summer here in Australia we are very happy to see more and more customers embrace the Fly Peacock street style image. 

Everyday we are welcoming new Peacocks to our Muster. 

We see new Peacocks getting in early from the northern hemisphere, it's still snowing in some parts, it's never too early to get your Summer look on point. 

In the fitness industry they say that Summer bodies are built in the Winter.

Lets keep the Good Vibes of Summer rolling.


Getting RAW at The MET in Brisbane

With just 7 days notice we put on a runway show as part of RAWartists Brisbane showcase Glimpse.

The Muster looking the goods.


The Euro

If you watch the news you might be worried about what is happening in Greece and the European Union.

Anyway, that's beside the point, Greece is a great place to visit in the summer months, we were there not so long ago in August, the weather was amazing!

With this in mind, just a quick shout out to our European business partners at MacWomi.

Based in The Netherlands MacWomi will be looking after the entire European region, we look forward to working with them to grow our presence in Europe and to watch their business grow.

Seeing our business profile...

A new adventure.....

Coffee, artisan bakeries and the local Café scene is in full swing on the Gold Coast.

As Peacocks we thrive on being amongst the thick of things.  Each month the coastal suburb of Currumbin gives rise to something new, including the recently opened Dangerous Adventures.  The brainchild of now local artists John and Isla Wilson, owners of Dust Temple, Dangerous Adventures is a space for many to explore the workings of creative minds.  A place where Art meets Fashion over an espresso or an organic kombucha.

Located at 56 Currumbin Creek Road, QLD 4223


A Friend of interest

We all know the saying, 'it's not what you know, it's who you know' there is a reason that this is a saying and not just words.

A lot of the time we are introduced to great things by our friends or someone we know, so why would Fly Peacock be any different?

We like to see our customers tag us in photos wearing our tee's, not only because they look great but it's also a great way for other people to see how good they look too.

So when NRL greats like Nathan Friend and Ben Barba see a...